Architectural photography including real estate and private home

This work includes a pre-visit to the location in order to do research on the venue including: lighting, space, venue location and other factors that will contribute to the outcome of the project.

Areas of work are from Valencia to Alicante and to the North: Barcelona. Assignment are also considered outside of Spain depending on the project. For a consultation please go to the contacts page. 

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Portrait photography

Portraits can be shot on location or at home where we can set up a portable studio space. These sessions normally run 2 hours, can be group oriented, business groups, families or friends. They can be for individuals. 

Portraits combined with events such as weddings can also be arranged. Please go to the contacts page to enquire for more details

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Events and documentary photography

Events and documentary photography can be organised for projects that require a series of visits and an in depth study of a situation or project. The events work can be a single visit one off event such as family gathering, wedding etc. 

All work is undertaken according to the needs of the client and following a consultation with the photographer. 

Please go to contacts page to make a enquiry. 

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